Nutritionist advises parent on regular milk intake for children

Milk no doubt plays a vital rule in the growth of a child. That is why Mrs. Bartholomew Brai, President of Nutrition Society of Nigeria in a programme organised by Arla Food Incorporated, makers of Dano milk, to commemorate the 2017 World Milk Day in Lagos, advised parents to make  milk intake into their children’s a daily diet. Mrs. Brai who outlines the benefit of milk in the diet of a child stated that;

“Milk is rich in protein and essential amino acids that cannot be manufactured by the body. Milk is now cheaper because it comes in smaller and affordable units. It contains minerals, vitamins and calcium. It also prevents anaemia which is one of the factors contributing to maternal death and cognitive development in children.’’
Wife of the Lagos State Governor, Mrs. Bolanle Ambode who was represented by the wife of the Lagos State Commissioner for Environment, Adejare, also advised a daily glass of milk for a growing baby. 
She said;
“Lagos State is concerned about the well-being of today’s children and that is why we have collaborated with Dano milk to celebrate this day. While we want our mothers to provide their babies with exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, we also advise that parents should give their children at least one glass of milk a day.
The event which was held in Lagos, saw Dano milk been provided to thousands of primary school pupils who participated in the event.
Milk has been found to 16 nutrients that are essential to the human health. Some of these include calcium needed for the formation of bones and teeth, protein for the structure, function, and regulation of the body's tissues and organs and vitamin D which is needed to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body.

It is regarded as the only richest natural food in terms of the nutritional elements that is needed by the human body. Milk exists in two forms Liquid and Dry form. It can be gotten from many different sources, such as goats, cattle, buffalos, and camels; with cow milk, being the most preferred. Also there are different types of milk these include 

1) Dried Milk: These are milk evaporated to dryness from fresh milk during manufacturing. In this process, some minerals may be added to the dried milk while still maintaining its nutritious values an example of this is minerals or vitamin is vitamin D.

2) Condensed Milk: These are rich in fats or milk cream, these are milk in which a great amounts of sugar are added to the pasteurized fresh milk haveits form condensed.

Milk holds huge health benefits some of which include; helping to improving the digestion process, helping improving the performance of the nerve system, helping in the formation of bone and teeth while also helping in maintainers. It also helps to prevent cardiac diseases, boost immunity in the body, providing energy, help in the growth of children, and protect against some types of cancer while also helping to maintain the rate of blood pressure in the human body.

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