Reason Why Nigerians Should Start Eating More Onion

Onion is a vegetable plant that belongs to the genus Allium. It is the most cultivate plant of all its family which can be eaten raw, or cooked. It consist of layers wrapper around covering the next foaming a bulb like structure. It varies in size, shape, color and flavor. Onion comes in three type’s namely red, yellow and white onion which the two most popular one's being the white and red. Here in Nigeria the most popular and prefer choice of onion is the red colour. Almost every meal and delicacy made here in Nigeria consist of onion. 


This helps to increases the flavor and texture of the meal. According to research, onion consist of 89% water, 4% sugar, 1% protein, 2% fibre, and 0.1% fat. This amazing plant comes with an energy value of 166 kJ. Despite onion having low amounts of essential nutrients and also having a delicious taste, It hold many great medicinal values and properties we will be discussion on this post today. Also we will be looking at why it is important for Nigerians to start eating more meal that contain onions.

I know, that most of you may be wondering why I have decided to title this post Reason Why Nigerians Should Start Eating More Onion. The answer to this question is quite simply and as you follow below, you will see some of the health challenge faced by most Nigerians and how this beautiful and amazing God giving plant can be of help in solving these problems. 

Reasons Why Nigerians Should start Eating More Onions

Weight Loss: 
It is no news that large percentages of Nigerians are overweight. This has become a major problem not just for its health effect, but also for the problem it is posing on the economics of the country. There is a popular saying that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation. According to the World Health Organization, over 600 million of the world populations are either overweight or obese. A rough data shows that the number of people that either overweight or obese is closed to 40%. Of this figure, 30% are male while 50% are female. This problem is as a result of unhealthy eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle, and lack of exercise. Onion can help in reducing this excess weight and extra fat formed the body increases the body’s metabolic rate. This is possible, as Onions contain various essential oils and minerals, which speed up your metabolism and reduce your weight naturally. To achieve this, you can simply custom some slice of onion while eating simple meal such as rice and stew, or rice and vegetable. Just slice the onion on top of the prepared rice and eat it.

Heart Disease: 
A team of researchers at the Chinese University in Hong Kong found that red onion helps in the remover of bad cholesterol from the body. The cholesterols are known to be responsible for heart attacks and strokes. During the research, the team fed crushed-up red onions to hamsters that had all been put on a high-cholesterol diet. After eight weeks, of observation, the team found out that the levels of bad cholesterol, in the hamsters have dropped by an average of 20 per cent. 

Nigerians are known for eating a lot of roasted or smoked meals such as roasted, con, roasted or fish, roasted or smoked meat and a lot of others. The process of smoking these delicacies, leads to the formation of Polycylclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) a carcinogens which when deposited on food causes cancers. Onion has also been found to be helpful in reducing the risk effect of this. 

No doubt, that despite the delicious taste of onion; it has so many benefits which we Nigerians really need. Overweight and obesity is a major challenge in the country and its implication cannot be overlooked. Also cancer is a deadly killed and prevention should be a top most priority. Though it may be structured like a bulb, definitely, the onion holds a key to saving the life of many Nigerians.

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