Why smoked fish maybe bad for your health

No doubt fish is a major source of protein to the human body. According to research, an average male need about 56 gram of protein daily while the female needs about 46 grams daily. Eating of fish can serve the human body about 22 grams which is about 39% of protein needed by the human body daily. While the meal maybe love by millions of people in the world, over the years there has been this debate to ascertain if the consumption of smoke fish is bad for the human health. We many may argue that it provide more nutritious value than the danger it posses, and while there may be many great nutritious benefit associated with the consumption of smoked fish, it will also be nice not to overlook at the dangerous effect and health hazard associate with its consumption. To begin with, I will like to explain what smoked fish is, and how it is prepared.

Smoked Fish

What is Smoked Fish: These are fish cooked from heat produced by the burning of firewood or charcoaled. The process has been an age long tradition used for the preservation of fish meal before the production of fridges. Smoked fish is very common around the world as well as the various method use in its preparation.

Smoking process: The process of smoking a fish involves the use of firewood or charcoaled to heat the fish. As the fish undergoes heating, salt is added to the process to give the meal a more desired taste. In some cases, oil is added to the preparation which adds a more delicious taste to the cooking.  

What are the health risks associated with the consumption of smoked fish

Like I stated above, while there are health benefit that comes with the consumption of smoked fish, there are also health risk involve with it which we will be highlight below. 

1) Risks of Cancer: it has since been establish that smoking process use in the preparation of meat and other meals produces Polycylclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) a class of carcinogens which when deposited on food causes cancers. Consumption of smoked fish may lead to a high risk of getting cancer. You can also refer to this post Why Suya Consumption May Be Bad For Your Health

2) Stomach Infection: Consumption of smoked fish can increase the chances of you get stomach infections that are bacterial associated. One of these bacteria’s contaminations is called Listeria and it known to cause stomach pains, muscle pains, diarrhea fever, and headache. 

In conclusion whether a fish is grilled, smoked or barbequed, and no matter how delicious or how well they are prepare, there are always chances that there might be some negative effect or disadvantage associated with it. 

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