5 Amazing Strawberry's Health Benefits To The Skin

Strawberries are not just beautiful and good looking to eat, they also holds immense health benefit to the human skin. The fruit is rich in vitamin A and C and also contains fibre, folate and antioxidants. In this post, we will be looking at some of the benefits this amazing fruit holds to the human health especially the skin. Below are some of the benefits;

1) Can Be Used To Treat Blackheads
Blackheads are form in the skin as a result of oil filling pores of dead hair cells. Like I stated in a post I titled 6 SIMPLE REMEDIES YOU CAN APPLY TO REMOVE BLACKHEADS, they naturally occurs reddish – brown or black in colours on the skin. Strawberries contain salicylic acids which is responsible for the remover of both dead cells and blackheads in the skin.

2) Can Be Use As Skin Toner
Do you know that you can use strawberries are skin toners? The fruit contains manganese which can work as an amazing skin tone. You can strawberries do this by adding it to about 100ml of clean rose water and see the magic it prefers. 

3) Help As And Anti - Ageing Agent
Strawberries work as a good anti – ageing agent by reducing wrinkling and sagging skin due to the ellagic acids and also because of the powerful antioxidants call lycopene which it possess. 

4) Prevention Of Acne
The alpha hydroxyl acid present in strawberries helps to eliminate dead skin cells. This also helps to remove access skin oil.

5) Dark Spot Remover 
Its acidic nature makes strawberries a good dark spot removing agent. It contains salicylic and ellagic acids known for its effectiveness for reducing dark spots and hyper – pigmentations.
These are some of the listed skin benefits you can get from strawberries. If you have any question or addition health benefits of strawberries, you can add or ask using the comment box below. Hope the post was helpful.

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