Lagos State Flooding Who To Blame

Recently the state of Lagos witnessed a devastating flooding that not only left many homeless but also destroyed homes and offices costing millions of Naira. When this happened, many were quick to blame the government for not doing enough in the aspect of building more drainage for effective flow of rain water. Some even went as far as point out corruption as the reason behind the level of destruction cause by the flood.

While this maybe truth to some extent, the citizens of Lagos also need to share parts of the blame. You may ask why I am saying this, my answer to is simple, Most Nigerians are guilty of dumping heaps of refuse indiscriminately. It has become a habit for most people to dump refuse indiscriminately with thinking of the consequence. They don’t care about the health implication, or the environment defacing these waste dumps causes to the beauty of this great nation.

People dispose of polythene bags, take away packs in to drainages and on the streets hope that they will flow away and at the end of the day, blames the government when things go wrong. What do you think happens when you dump things like this in the drainage? Simple, the drains get blocked, causing stoppage to the free flow of water and when the rain comes you get flood. it is a simply mathematics. So maybe when next you think of dumping refuse indiscriminately, think of the flood it may cause, think of the health hazard and then do the right thing.

If you don’t want you lose your precious electronics or fancy apartment and furniture then you most stop dumping refuse indiscriminately. This message is not just to Lagos State only, but also to all Nigerians. Instead of taking us one step backward, do the right thing so Nigeria can move forward. Thank you for reading this article, I hope the message was helpful. God bless Nigeria and its good citizens Amen.

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