Checkout Rihanna's Outfit At The 2017 Crop Over Festival That Is Making Chris Brown Go Gaga

29-year-old America singer Rihanna wore this a hot sexy costume (See Photo Below) revealing her natural endowment at the 2017 Crop Over Festival on Monday (August 7) holding in Barbados her home town. The star flaunted her new blue hair while wearing a barely there outfit. She shared a photo from the event with this caption;
crawpova ’17 #AuraForCropOva @aura_experience
Rihanna outlet was so revealing that her Ex- Chris Brown couldn't  hid his feeling for her. After Rihanna shared the photo on her Instagram account, singer Chris added the “👀” staring eyes emoji
Fans who saw this responded with liking the comment over 4,000 times.

See Photos Below;

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