DMX May Face Jail Time For Violating Bail Agreement

US Rapper Earl Simmons aka DMX could be headed back to prison for violating the conditions of his bail. The rapper who was accused of cheating the IRS out of $1.7 million in taxes was released on the conditions that he inform the court any time before leaving town. DMX violated this agreement when he left New York to see family in St. Louis with notifying the judge.


According to DMX's attorney, Murray Richman,who believe the judge will show a little mercy told reporters that it seems like the rapper just forgot, because he was preoccupied with the trip. According to him DMX usually notifies his probation officer if he's leaving New York to perform. He said the latest development was unlike him, and that may he was just preoccupied with the trip.

The rapper is expected to appear in court later this week

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