9Mobile (etisalat) Free 60GB Per Month Night Browsing Via Anonytun Pro

I know some of you are still flexing the 9MOBILE FREE BROWSING CHEAT USING OFFICE VPN. While this may not be a proper free browsing cheat, we have come out with and alternative cheat via Anonytun vpn. You can also get the 9MOBILE CHATPAK AND SMARTPAK FREE BROWSING CHEAT VIA ANONYTUN PRO which is still working.

As we all know, 9mobile (etisalat) introduced a free YouTube streaming data offer to its customers between the hours of 1 - 5am. This data offer is capped at 2GB daily totalling 60GB monthly. While this may be just for streaming YouTube videos, this post will show you how you can flex this offer using Anonytun Pro.

  • A 9mobile (etisalat) sim card
  • Good 3G/4G network
  • An Android Smartphone
  • Anonytun vpn


First, download AnonyTun Pro and then >>> Migrate to easy clique by dialing *200*2*2# >>>.After successful migration to easy clique, dial *545*3*1# or dial * 545*3# choose option 1 (for 100% data bonus)

Now recharge your sim with a N500 airtime >>> Then subscribe to N500 monthly plan >>> Dial *200*3*1# and choose option 3 (for 500mb data for one month)

Then open the AnonyTun VPN on your phone and configure it by setting host to myaccount.google.com. 

Wait till night between 1am to 5am, and launch your Anonytun and then enjoy your 2gb. 

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