Primo App: Get Free US Number For Your Business

For does looking to get a foreign or US number for their business, here is a post to help you achieve that. While they may be many apps that can help you do that, We will like to introduce you to PRIMO one of the best currently in the market. The app is a free communications app that allows you to call and message family and friends around the world for free.


With Primo, you get both free and paid service. The free version allows users to call landlines in over 60 destinations all for free while the paid version gets you over 200 destinations. What makes the app special is that you do just have access to those using the app, you can also call any number with it. You can calling, video chatting, messaging and file sharing with friends and family using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi.

Where To Download Primo App

You can download Primo app from Google palystore HERE if you are an Android user and for Iphone users, you can get the app HERE

Who To Use The Primo App
Simply Download the app, from the link above then register with you e-mail address and choose your preferred plan.

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