Checkout The iPhone X That Cost €34,200 About N13.6 Million

Remember the firm responsible for designing the gold-coated Nokia 3310 phone,  will the company is at it again as it recently introduced its latest gold coated iPhone X. The firm known as Caviar is introducing the iPhone X, with a price tag of €34,200 which is about N13.6 Million here in Nigeria. The phone comes with a golden coat of arms of the Russian Empire and over 300 engraved precious stones. 

Gold Plated iPhone X

Caviar is known for customizing and producing unique branded phones with outrageous price tags. Not too long age, the company launched its branded Nokia 3310 which was gold plated with a N776,000 price tag. It latest produced comes with even a more bigger price tag.

The device is encrusted with 344 diamonds of different sizes, a single line of 14 large rubies as well as a golden plaque of the two-headed eagle. The new device features a 64 GB internal storage and comes with a price tag of RUB2,4 million, €34,200 globally, which is about N13.6 Million. The smartphone was specially designed for the wealthy personalities.

What's you take on this, will you rock the smartphone, can you cough of such money for just a piece of smartphone? 

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