About Us
Oganaij is a blog establish to deliver quality celebrity news, tech update, and health tips, to the growing popular of Nigeria and to the world. It was establish in June 17 2017, by Mr. Onogbake Ufuoma a dedicated Blogger and one passionate about the health and fitness of the Nigerian population.

Welcome Statement
I wish to welcome you to this great site as we work to deliver the best we can offer in the field. We look forward to make your read and stay with us a pleasant one as we promise to deliver the best health, physical fitness tips and health news we can lay ours hands on.

Our Mission
Our mission is to see that every reader and follower of this blog, get the best of entertainment, quality tech news and health tips. we promise to serve you with the latest and best fitness tips.

Our Vision
We hope to achieve this great task by offer better services and solutions in the health and physical fitness industry as well as tech and celebrity circle. Our dream is to make sure that what we offer delivers great result.

In conclusion, I will like to thank you and pray you to stay with our in achieve this great task ahead. My name is Onogbake Ufuoma and I welcome you to Oganaij.com .ng